Risk Management – e-learning

Learn how to identify, analyze, and manage project risks, whether they are positive (opportunities) or negative (threats).

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Om kurset

Risk management is one of the most important competencies to possess as a project manager. Projects entail – by virtue of being unique – risk. Proper risk management increases the likelihood of achieving project goals within the defined framework. It is about understanding a project and its surroundings in order to make meaningful decisions. Risk (both threats and opportunities) affect the project’s goals, performance, time schedule and costs. Results from risk analyzes are a key part of the management and decision-making basis for the project’s stage boundaries.

Throughout the project it is important to identify, analyze and take necessary measures to exploit opportunities and reduce threats. You can do this by using qualitative and / or quantitative risk management. In this course you will become familiar with both methods.

Target audience

The course is suitable for anyone who needs to be able to identify both opportunities and threats and deal with them effectively. The knowledge and tools presented in the course are also transferable to work tasks that are not directly related to project work.

Course content

  • Introduction to Project Risk
  • Risk identification
  • Qualitative risk analysis
  • Quantitative risk analysis
  • Response strategy
  • Risk control, monitoring and management


Approximately 2,5 hours